Glimpse of Glory

We were finishing up dinner at Moe’s Southwest Grille.

A Michael Jackson song started playing.

She stood up and said ‘Dance with me Daddy!!’.

And he did. Without hesitation. Without a care in the world. In the middle of the restaurant. He danced.


Thank you Lord for this sweet glimpse of your glory. It’s moments like these that remind me what life truly is about. That in spite of me and my selfishness, I have been given a life full of Your grace and glory. Way more than I deserve.

In the crazy game we call life, we so easily lose ourselves to it. And we don’t even realize it until it’s too late. Stop glorifying busy. Instead glorify blessed. Put the phone down. Turn off the tv. Unplug the computer. Wash the dishes tomorrow. Fold the laundry later.

And just dance. Let it all go.

Because in the end, it doesn’t matter who Juan Pablo gave the final rose to, or who changed their Facebook status from single to in a relationship. Or how many loads of laundry you could finish in one day.

It’s about the dance. About embracing every single moment. Because these moments are gifts from God. Yes…even the bad ones. They all have a purpose. Don’t be too ‘busy’ to miss the purpose. Because then the moment is wasted. And if you ask me, I would not want to miss anything that God had intended for me.

See God’s glory…and embrace the moments.

in His Love…