Boxes are not for God. {So don’t put Him in one!}

Have you ever said never? And then one week, month, or even years down the road you find the never is actually happening? Like I will never be a server. And then I found myself serving for five years. I will never wear skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are now my second fave pants to wear {right after my leggings of course!} Here’s the whammy…I will never be a photographer. I’m learning that God has quite the sense of humor. And better plans.

You see, three years ago I decided I wanted a ‘good’ camera. I had a 3 year old and an infant and I was tired of taking horrible pictures of them. So, I invested in an entry level dslr camera {in case you just have to know…it’s a Canon. and I LOVE it!} And I quote myself saying to my husband, “Don’t let me think I’m a photographer just because I have this camera!” I told myself over and over I will NOT become a photographer! I can only imagine the laughter coming from up above as those words left my mouth.

It all started when I had a sweet friend mention she was getting her daughter’s pictures taken at a studio in the mall. I knew she was struggling financially, and, well, I couldn’t let her spend what little money she had on studio pictures {insert apology here if you are a studio photographer! Nothing against you and your amazing abilities! I just prefer the outdoors and natural light when it comes to photography!} So I said if she wanted me to I would take her daughter’s pictures. For free. She took me up on the offer and we had so much fun! {Disclaimer before looking at the picture below…this was three years ago! I have learned a LOT since then!!}


I still can’t call myself a photographer. It just sounds weird to me. Yes I do lots of photo shoots. Yes people pay me to do them. But a photographer? No way. I’m not THAT good to have earned that title. And I by no means know everything there is to know about it! Yes I’ve learned a lot, but I have a LOT to learn!!!

One thing I am learning is this…don’t put God in a box. Because you know what he does? He blows your box up into millions of teeny tiny little pieces. And then smiles. God gave me this talent that I still don’t even realize I have. For example…I did a family photo shoot last Sunday. The kids are 2 and 6 and they made me work HARD. If one was smiling the other was pouting. If one was looking at the camera the other was picking his nose {seriously!!}. I was struggling you guys. BIG time. By the end of the session I was sure I was going to have to reschedule and try again because I wasn’t able to get any good shots! But when I sat down at my computer and uploaded all my images, I was shocked. It’s like God just uses me to push the button on the camera. I was so excited when I saw this image on my screen…


I would like to ask you to please pray for me! As God as taken this little tool to the next level and put a wedding {GASP!!!} on my plate!! Yes, I am photographing an actual wedding in April! I’m very excited, but come April I will be incredibly nervous I’m sure! I’m thankful that the bride and groom are the sweetest couple EVER. I did their engagement photos and had a ton of fun getting to know them…





I’m still in complete awe of what God uses me for. I have no idea what His plans are for me and this little {dare I say it?? Photography??} business. But I can sit here and tell you this…don’t underestimate your abilities! God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called. By no means am I at all qualified to be a photographer. But He has called me to reach out to people through my camera lens. To spread His love. And all I can say is thank you, Lord. Thank you for giving me the tools to teach the world about You, one camera click at a time.


ALWAYS because of Him,





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