Unplugging to Reconnect. {A Social Media Addiction}

Last weekend my little family had an ‘unplug’ weekend. We found a remote cabin in the woods with no tv, no internet, and no cell phone signal. It was just the four of us and God’s beautiful creation. Just to give you an idea of how remote I’m talking about…here is the road trail to get to the cabin…..



Yes. We were serious when we said remote. No distractions. 100% US. 

This is where I have an issue. How have we let it come to this?? We praise today’s technology and oh how so lost we’d be without it. But would we be? Would we truly be lost? Or would we be forced to think? And even worse, forced to TALK to people?! {GASP!!!!} I’d be lost without Jesus. I’d be lost without my husband and my kids. And yet those are the people that get shoved aside for my social media addictions. 

There. I said it. I’m addicted to social media. I don’t want to miss the latest happenings in the world, but at the expense of missing what’s happening right under my nose?? Of missing my daughter so lovingly mother her little baby dolls? Or of missing my son build the coolest train track EVER?? No freaking way. But yet somehow I have let that happen. So not cool. 

Last weekend was a taste of life without the addiction. And it was oh so sweet. So now the question…where do we go from here? How do we break ourselves of the addiction? How do have a healthy balance? 

The answer: I have no idea. But I do know I don’t want to have to have an unplug weekend just to reconnect with my family. Maybe leave home without the phone? Or giving it ‘hours of operation’? Even as I type this I hear how ridiculous this sounds. IT’S A PHONE!!!!!! How did we get so stinking attached to a dumb phone?!?!?!

So here’s to living life free of social media distractions. And being present in the here and now of my own little world. And with that I will leave you with some pics of what happens when we unplug….




Always Because of Him,



A Little Sewing Machine and A Whole Lotta Jesus…

I confess…I have zero goals for this little business of mine. It started as a little hobby…an outlet I suppose. Something that this stay-at-home momma could call mine. It’s my ‘me-time’. And now, almost three years, a facebook page, an etsy shop and a blog later…I find myself wondering…what DO I want to do with this???

Welp, the answer to that question still remains a mystery. But amidst all of the pondering I realized something…I’m not giving back to the One that gave it to me. My talent is God-given, yet I was using it all for my own selfish gratitude.  God has given me something that I can use to reach out to people that I would never otherwise cross paths with. Something to SHOUT His name with! Something to say…HEY!!! I’m a follower of Jesus and He has changed my LIFE!! And He can do the same for YOU!! Because YOU are SO LOVED!!!!

Yes. THAT is what this is all about. This thing called a business. It’s not about what I create. It’s about bringing people to Jesus. Because I was lost, but now I’m found. And found people find people. And God chose me to find people through my little sewing machine and camera. One scarf, one bag, one photo shoot at a time.

To begin this process, it only seemed right to change the name of my business. Because in order for it to be about Jesus, it needs to glorify Him right from the start. So let me introduce to you…



ALWAYS because of Him,